IoT 2017 Madrid Forum - April 26th

Creating IoT Service Vision

Commercial IoT Developer Workshop 

from Intel and Microsoft

Researching about IoT solutions for your business? 

Learn about the IoT technology Intel® and Microsoft® provide to assist you in building commercial IoT solutions! Join us for a one-day, hands-on workshop where Intel and Microsoft will walk you through the basic architecture of a modern commercial IoT network – from gathering sensor data at the edge, to analytics on a gateway, to the cloud. This workshop will feature the Intel® NUC, Genuino 101, Intel® IoT Developer Kit and Microsoft Azure cloud platform.  

For further info about the Intel and Microsoft IoT Alliance click here.

This Workshop will be held on April 25th at the Palace Hotel

Pre-requisites to attend: This is a technology oriented training

·       A technical background is a pre-requisite

·       It is aimed to customers who have IoT projects in the planning phase or the           company wants to explore platforms to prototype their IoT ideas on

·       Attendees need to have a technical developer skillset e.g. scripting                         knowledge of Javascript/C/C++, etc

·       The attendee will be a software developer, software architect or CTO type               person

Technical Skills:

·       Knowledge of editors, debuggers, IDEs, open source alternatives

·       Working knowledge of scripting programming languages

·       Knowledge of platform internals and can visualize how the platform takes the         program and converts it into executable code


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